Integration of Email campaigns for radio stations


A radio station is a marketing tool from time immemorial, however, though still relevant, the digital solution increases target audience, making the audio media with no option but to include marketing automation software features as a marketing tool. Email campaigns are basic features for all marketing automation toolkits.

The radio station stands a better chance of getting Email addresses of their listeners to create a subscriber’s database to communicate upcoming events using Email marketing automation tools. The digital solution enables the radio stations to use the internet to stream their broadcasting live for an increase in the number of listeners.

During the ancient times, radio was the mode of entertainment when taking a road trip. However, this trend is slowly diminishing, yet, radio owners still feel they need to control the media industry like before. Why not use a marketing automation with a link to your live stream of your radio station to allow the current generation to appreciate traditional media? Use the same platform to educate your listeners on the value of visiting your website to get informed of future programs and news alert. This will be easy for the tech-savvy generation, and access to the internet is within reach. People easily compare CRM tool from one to another just like this review here they have compared it against Active Campaign

Great care is required, use sales funnels and lead pages to capture leads as an entry point for the success of the Email campaigns. The drag and drop options of the marketing automation software make it simple and interactive even to radio presenters who probably may not be tech-savvy. The simple steps; depending on the marketing automation toolkit, is user-friendly and can save costs involved in marketing.

In radio, the management of contacts based on their interest proves an uphill task that is no more in marketing automation, the platform categorizes the contacts based on the point of entry for tailored Email campaigns.

You save on marketing costs when you decide to use Email campaigns, in just a few seconds, you have designed an Email campaign poster, and within a second, you have sent to all relevant recipients on your database. The B2B sale does not end there; you can have an analysis on the performance of different Email campaigns for business growth. In case there is a recipient who develops an interest, then there is an auto responder as a customer relationship management tool while on your end you are notified of prompt action and advice, according to organizational policy. There is no bureaucratic form of management which is prone to delay and miss the sale.

Radio stations are jammed with phone calls, in case there is a low bandwidth most of the calls are dropped with no measure for tracking. How many sales are missed during this time, at the same time, when a program is on air, you expect your audience to listen since there will be no repeat. What happens when the client is in a meeting and cannot listen to you. Email campaigns are hard copy references which you can always refer to future communication.